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Wildeye specialise in bird related fieldwork.

Ciarán has been studying birds since the age of 12, and is both experienced and highly proficient at detecting and recording birds by sight and sound. He is fully familiar with all Irish bird species, whether resident or migrant.

Ciaráns professional 'bird' career began in the 90's when he worked in the uplands of Scotland, originally on the important 'Langholm Project' which focused primarily on the relationship between Red Grouse (Lagopus l. scoticus) and Hen Harriers (Circus cyaneus). At Langholm he developed a wide range of skills, principally hide based prey recording, nest finding, behavioural recording and habitat use mapping, habitat mapping and radio telemetry. Spending long periods on the hill also necessitated a high level of fitness, proficiency in navigation, and not least a large amount of interaction and diplomacy when dealing with landowners and gamekeepers on the moor.

Following Langholm a number of other projects associated with upland birds gave a good all round knowledge of the issues facing upland habitats and species.

In 1997 Ciarán began work with the JNCC's Seabirds At Sea Team (SAST), and spent the next few years surveying seabirds and cetaceans in the coastal and deep northern European waters from the Faeroe Islands and Iceland, Rockall and Western Ireland to the North Sea and the Bay of Biscay. During this time he furthered his skills in seabird and cetacean identification and recording, both from land and sea. This work also necessitated handling large amounts of survey data, as well as the production of reports.

During the 'Seabird 2000' project he assisted with breeding seabird surveys on remote Scottish islands, from the Hebridean Isles, to the rocks of Sula Sgeir and Sule Skerry, and out to St. Kilda.

In late summer 1999, Ciarán joined the Coastal Resources Centre at University College Cork, and trained surveyors in the identification of seabirds and cetaceans, and the application of (modified) survey methods.

Since that time Ciarán has performed regular bird surveys both on a voluntary and professional basis, and has become familiar with a wide range of survey techniques and issues.

In 2008, Wildeye was created, and Ciarán is now available for fieldwork throughout the year.



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